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Notable investor Stanley Druckenmiller recently shared his lack of Bitcoin holdings with fellow billionaire Paul Tudor Jones at a fireside discussion at the Robin Hood NYC 2023.

However, he feels that he should have the flagship cryptocurrency in his portfolio. Druckenmiller has previously compared digital money to gold, the traditional store of value.

The vast age gap between them prompted him to boast about his possession of gold, which has been a reliable store of value for millennia. He did, however, concede that Bitcoin is becoming more popular among younger generations because they see it as a more convenient and secure means of exchanging value.

It’s important remembering that in a prior 2020 CNBC interview, Druckenmiller had acknowledged his investment in Bitcoin while still keeping a substantially bigger stake in gold.

In light of Bitcoin’s recent price dip, Tudor Jones just appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to reiterate his unwavering support for the cryptocurrency. This comes amid global worries, such as expected Federal Reserve rate rises and heightened geopolitical conflict.

Famous Bitcoin investor Tudor Jones has already voiced skepticism about the value of the digital currency early this year.

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