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During the Token2049 Singapore event, Vertu, a renowned maker of high-end smartphones, introduced the METAVERTU 2. This innovative smartphone was designed with blockchain and Web3 fans in mind, much like its forerunner, the METAVERTU.

Its devotion to state-of-the-art technology and increased security is seen in its incorporation of a decentralised operating system (DOS) and a set of reinforced security measures.
Even while AI is one of the most fascinating and talked-about technology right now, it also poses serious privacy concerns. VERTU is designed to solve this same issue.

The merging of Web3 and blockchain technology is the backbone of METAVERTU2, carefully designed to provide a stable platform. The centrepiece of this technical miracle is a two-pronged artificial intelligence model system. There is a large artificial intelligence model and a smaller one as well. This ingenious pairing guarantees undisturbed cooperation between the user experience and privacy safeguards.

With its built-in AI assistant, METAVERTU2 can do much more than handle mundane administrative tasks. Within its digital walls, it functions as a multifaceted problem solver and digital confidant, offering support in a wide range of contexts.

This artificial intelligence assistant is meant to make your life easier in a variety of ways, including by assisting with vacation planning, relationship advice, and birthday reminders. It can also be used to establish a digital friend, further erasing the line between online and offline interactions.

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