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The billionaire Vice President of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, doesn’t seem concerned about all the recent hype around artificial intelligence (AI).

Charlie Munger, speaking at Zoom Communications Plc’s recent Zoomtopia Conference, said artificial intelligence is receiving more attention than it presently merits.

With the younger generation’s interest in AI ignited by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) is another hot topic in the technological industry today. More than a hundred million people signed up to use ChatGPT within its first few weeks on the market because of its groundbreaking capacity to provide precise answers to customers’ questions.

Other notable apps we’ve seen include Bard and MidJourney, in addition to ChatGPT. Other artificial intelligence developments are already helping people in the digital environment, and major tech companies like Microsoft and Google are spending billions to get on board.

Charlie Munger recognizes the promise of AI but thinks its achievements have been “exaggerated.”

Even though many prominent figures in the IT industry appear to disagree with this view, there is still consensus on the need of establishing appropriate frameworks for the technology to encourage its ethical use.

Charlie Munger has been vocally critical of Bitcoin for many years. As Warren Buffet’s closest buddy, he used the occasion to share his opinion that Bitcoin is a terrible investment.

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