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At the recent All-In Summit, Elon Musk voiced his fears about the future of AI. His emphasis on the potential power of digital superintelligence as the most advanced technology ever created was noteworthy. As a result, Musk is concerned about the consequences of allowing tremendous power to accrue to a small number of organizations.

The shift of OpenAI from an open-source, charitable corporation to a more closed, profit-seeking one has also been questioned by Musk. In addition, Microsoft’s Azure is now the primary host for OpenAI, whose original goal was to make AI accessible to a wider audience.

Ethical Choices

This means that Microsoft may have access to OpenAI’s data and code in ways never before possible, even in future versions of OpenAI. Even open-source technology supporter Musk expressed worry about OpenAI’s new course of action.

Furthermore, he expressed skepticism on Microsoft’s history of making ethical choices. On a brighter note, Musk discussed his future intentions for Tesla and XAI. He cited the company’s reputation for excellence in real-world AI and, in particular, self-driving technology.

Musk has said that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) functionality may soon be safer than human driving. When questioned whether he might think about open-sourcing Tesla’s Dojo or FSD technology, he was receptive yet evasive.

Musk’s goal, therefore, is to make Tesla and XAI formidable AI competitors. He thinks the future of mankind depends on using a distributed approach to creating AI. In addition, he guarantees that Tesla has a sound governance structure free of super-voting privileges, protecting the company from any errant choices on his part.

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