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Ethereum (ETH) has had a relatively quiet September, although there have been some noteworthy trades from major market participants. A big transaction from a dormant Ethereum ICO wallet was recently revealed by Whale Alert. Earlier large transactions, notably one from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, set the stage for this one.

After lying dormant for more than eight years, the Ethereum ICO wallet associated with core developer Danno Ferrin suddenly sprung to life on September 20. The wallet sent 192.2 ether to Coinbase, valued at almost $313,200. The Data Nerd separated the transactions into two distinct amounts: 32.1 Ether and 160.1 Ether. This transaction, however small in absolute terms, joins a growing list of deals by early Ethereum users.

Massive Whale Movement

In addition, Lookonchain disclosed information on other substantial exchanges. An ICO participant sent 6,000 ether (ETH), or about $9.96 million at the time of the transfer on September 18. The next day, another whale sent a transfer of 10,000 ETH, at the time worth around $16.5 million. After two years of inactivity, this whale made a large purchase on Binance, OKX, and KuCoin four days ago.

According to PeckShield, Vitalik Buterin sent 300 ETH to Kraken on September 19th, worth around $490,000. There was a sale of 2,591 ETH from a dormant wallet that generated $4.18M in stablecoins. As a result, over the previous two days, ICO participants and Buterin have transferred almost $31 million worth of ETH.

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