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Kaal Dhairya, a vital cog in keeping the Shibarium protocol functioning after it was given a second chance by the community, has now released some fresh updates.

Kaal, in a post on the project’s official blog, said that Shibariumscan now hosts the Blockscout explorer, a feature crucial in improving the protocol’s speed on the users’ end. The Blockscout team is maintaining a fully functional explorer and indexing of the whole chain, as stated in the last status report.

The Shibarium team is committed to keeping the protocol at the forefront of the race to provide the lowest gas fees among all currently operational L2s. Kaal said that more than 1 million Shibarium wallets are already active on-chain, and he expressed optimism that 1 million transactions will soon be logged.

Kaal has revealed that there have been continuing discussions with industry bridge builders, suggesting that the Shibarium team will soon be welcoming more bridges into the scaling network’s ecosystem. The organization is also moving through with its intentions to invalidate the BONE contract address, despite the token’s success in the ecosystem.

The creator of Shibarium has said that further information regarding the revocation will be made available in the coming weeks so that people may adequately prepare for it.

There was a lot of excitement and buzz building up before the first rollout of the protocol. The public’s high hopes were dashed when, on the first day of its release, the protocol became stuck due to heavy traffic.

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