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Grab, Asia’s most popular ride-hailing app, has announced the addition of a cryptocurrency wallet. This change might have far-reaching effects on the adoption of cryptos in the area and beyond, given the platform’s massive user base of 180 million people.

Moreover, Grab, sometimes called the “Uber of Southeast Asia,” is a major player in the areas of ride sharing, food delivery, and digital payments in that part of the world. Its choice to include a Web3 crypto wallet is groundbreaking and has the potential to radically alter people’s use of cryptocurrencies in Southeast Asia.

Massive Boost

So far, it seems that Singapore—one of the region’s financial and technology hubs—is the only place where you can get this service. This coincides with Singapore’s standing as a world leader in finance and hints that the country may act as a beta site for Grab’s cryptocurrency implementation.

Grab has published wallet and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) how-to information to ease its consumers’ entry into the cryptocurrency market. This indicates that Grab sees the potential of NFTs and other uses for blockchain technology beyond just accepting crypto as payment. This wallet, like Binance’s, is designed to store and access digital assets, but it takes a different, more secure method.

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Grab has chosen for a more user-friendly approach using a PIN password instead of the private keys used by standard crypto wallets. With this redesign, it wants to make using cryptocurrency easier for Grab’s many users.

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